Hosting corporate events will not only to help you to improve the morale of your own staff, but will also boost your relationships with both existing and potential customers if done in the right way. Whether you opt for horse racing, golf, football or any other type of corporate hospitality event, there are certain dos and don’ts that you should remember in order to ensure that your event goes without a hitch.

Corporate Hospitality

Firstly, DO remember that while your corporate hospitality event may be a fun occasion for all involved, it is still representing your brand. Guests should be spoken to in a professional and informed way, and steps should be taken to prepare all of your employees that are attending to ensure that they understand how to behave.

Secondly, DO make sure you’ve clearly defined the objectives of the event. Is it simply an occasion to get colleagues and customers together to unwind, or are you aiming to win new business as a result? Defining your objectives in advance and making sure that these are communicated to all involved will ensure that your event doesn’t simply turn out to be an expensive day out.

When it comes to don’ts, there are also plenty of things that you should remember. Firstly, DON’T get too stressed on the day. While we undertake all of the major organisation involved in our corporate hospitality days, you’ll have your own responsibilities leading up to and on the day too; don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others within your company so that you’re as relaxed as possible on the day itself. If you’re too stressed and tired, your customers are bound to notice, and you may not give off the professional air that you’d have liked.

Finally, DON’T forget to smile. A corporate hospitality day is not just about business – it’s about having a good time too. If you’re looking like you’re enjoying yourself, your customers will too; a relaxed and positive atmosphere may help you to get to know them better and to build their trust in you and your business. After all, the aim is to make your customers feel special, and with the right preparation, you’ll find that this is perfectly easy to do.

At Rhodes Event Management we have years of experience creating events that will help you build and cement relationships with clients and staff. Get in touch and let us help you with our creative ideas.

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