Are your pockets bursting at the seams with business cards? Probably not. And chances are, your clients aren’t carrying them around either.

For businesses that depend on building relationships with customers beyond a single point of sale, a resource like Remember Us can be a game-changer. This app helps to bridge the gap between present exchanges and future sales, replacing or supplementing traditional marketing materials like glossy brochures with an interactive tool that stays in your prospects’ hands.

Remember Us is tailored to your business, displaying service and product details alongside your business’s contact information, including features that make it easy for prospective customers to call and email your business directly through the app. Now, your business stands a better chance against competing brands in the battle to stay in a prospect’s mind until the moment they decide to seek the services you offer.


How It Works

When you have met your prospect and before they leave, you offer your prospect the option to scan a QR code for the App. This QR code will take them to a page from where they can download your App.

When weeks later, your prospect is seeking the services that you offer, they will avoid any need to search Google and peruse your competitors’ websites; no forgetting what your name was. At this very important decision-making moment, you are there, reachable and convenient. Remember Us gives your business that precious stickability when it matters most

How It’s Different

Keep your message simple and your customer service even simpler with one-click contact features. When the day comes that a prospective customer decides to follow through , they can call your business directly, send you an email, and pull up a map and directions to your location, all from within the app.

When you meet people at exhibitions, networking events, in your store or just out and about, Remember Us is a useful tool for turning these connections into long-lasting relationships.

View a demo

To see how this App could work for your business, take a look at the version in use for Rhodes Event Management.

For iPhone, click here:

For Android, click here:

Of course download it if you wish

If you would like more details on how this could work for your company contact
Phil at Rhodes Event Management