Charity events – popular and a great way of raising money and awareness for good causes.

But they do take a lot of organisation so are they really worth it?

Well yes, there are lots of reasons why they’re one of the best ideas your business could pursue.

Raise money

For a start, the charity itself will benefit, and most business owners agree that showing you care and giving something back to the community is the right thing to do when you run a successful business.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

They’re great for creating a raft of positive publicity around your brand, and for instilling a real sense of loyalty and pride in your employees. They respond well to such events, seen by many as a great way of strengthening bonds between teams and across tiers of seniority.

This in turn helps retention of talented staff, so you benefit from longer-term staff loyalty. And this helps customer relations, as they enjoy more continuity and form lasting relationships with staff members.

Raise your profile

And promotion of the event itself will help raise your profile in the wider business and geographical community, helping forge relationships with local and business media, gaining additional exposure along the way.

And when there’s lots of good publicity around a brand, it’s great for attracting high calibre candidates for job vacancies too – as you’re seen to be a great employer.

And with all that extra publicity – you may even find that new customers approach you and sales start to rise.

So, I think you’ll agree a charitable event is indeed a great idea, plus it’s perfect for honing leadership and organisational skills within your business.

What type of event should you hold?

The choices are many and varied. But you need to start by choosing your charity – and this may well be easy if there’s an obvious charity that sits alongside the work that you do.

Or maybe a member of staff has a strong connection with a cause that they’d like help supporting.

If not, maybe a poll amongst your staff would be a good idea to gain involvement, buy-in and and fresh ideas.

Once you’ve chosen the charity, it’s time to decide on what type of event would work best for your guests.

For example, a black tie dinner, or golfing event might work better if you’re choosing to invite more senior guests.

Or a sporting event such as a fun run or moonlit walk may be more popular with younger groups.

Then there’s wine tasting, and auctions, promise parties and treasure hunts, the possibilities are endless.

Factors to consider include how many people are needed to organise the event and provide support on the day. Will you be able to enlist volunteers if you need lots of help? Can you hold the event at your own premises, or will you need to hire outside facilities? If so, what timescales do you have to put on the event?

The longer time you have for preparation, sending invitations and courting publicity the better.

Help when it’s needed

Here at Rhodes, we assist in staging successful charity events all the time, and love to be involved from the outset. It’s at the decision making stage where we can add most value, ensuring wise and prudent choices are made, that sit well with your business.

We’re great at steering brain storming initiatives – throwing in some fresh ideas and candid advice.

We advise on the best venue too, and can act on your behalf to negotiate competitive hiring rates for all the facilities you need. It’s important after all to ensure the event is cost effective and goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Charities are always desperately in need of money, and the events themselves are great for bringing people together and raising funds for a worthy cause. And the sense of achievement afterwards leaves a tangible feel-good factor throughout your organisation.

And remember too to release post event publicity – to gain further coverage and exposure for such a memorable an successful occasion.

If you’d like help in organising an event for your company, we’d be pleased to help – whatever stage in the process you are, it would be good to talk.

Just get in touch.