With our corporate evening entertainment. It’s SHOWTIME!

Race Nights, Casino Nights & Murder Mysteries…

Have a ‘Night of the Millionaires’ and try your hand at the Casino tables or bet on the horses with full AV support (risk of gambling addiction is minimal…fun money used only!).

See your co-workers and associates true competitive streak come out with SCALEXTRIC, or for a hilarious time try getting on the back of your own elephant for elephant racing (models used to save mess)! Fun and Team Building – Pub Games also offer a low-cost, fun alternative…darts, skittles, indoor golf, table football and pool will make for an entertaining evening!

Everyone’s a suspect…

With actors placed amongst your guests during dinner, fingers will be pointing in all directions as the Murder Mystery unveils…

‘Fingers on your buzzers’…

Hi-Tech Game Shows and Quizzes are just the BIZ for bringing everyone together! Lots of well known favourites from our ‘As Seen on TV’ and ‘It’s nearly all over…’ selections, great for some light hearted after dinner entertainment!

Corporate evening entertainment ideas

…anything’s possible with a little imagination:

  • Close-up Magicians, Silhouette Cutters
  • Top-Line Comedians & Celebrities
  • Look-a-Likes
  • Giant Scalextric
  • Human Statues, Mime Artists & Robots
  • Comedians, Singers, Entertainers & Illusionists
  • Bands, Discos & Karaoke
  • Rodeo Bulls, Simulators, Stalls & Side Shows
  • Acrobats, Jugglers & Jesters
  • Set Menus, Finger Buffets & Bar-B-Q’s
  • Acrobats, Jugglers & Jesters
  • Theming, Decoration & Table Centres

Elton John is trying to teach Ricky Gervais to sing, whilst over by the ‘bucks fizz’ we see the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley (allegedly!) giving Her Majesty The Queen a few tips on how to conduct oneself at these types of affairs!

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer professional firework displays through our partners at Fountain Fireworks

‘Let’s get this party started!’

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Night of millionaires

Night of millionaires

This evening entertainment is unique and features a series of activities which your guests can bet on. Provided with dummy money individuals or teams can Giant Scalextric, Horse Racing, Casino Tables, Camel and Elephant Racing and Golf Putting. Ideal for larger groups NOM can handle up to 200 people with everyone betting at the same time.

As seen on TV

As seen on TV

Drawing on the best of popular television quiz and ‘challenge’ shows the game is guaranteed to entertain. Sections include ‘who wants to be a millionaire’, ‘never mind the buzzcocks’, ‘generation game’ with tables of teams taking one another on at various tasks to gain monetary reward – the team with the most money wins.

Hi tech quiz

Hi Tech Quiz

One of our most popular evening entertainments – various sections include sport, art & literature, geography, flags of the world with all elements featured on a huge screen with interactive involvement from each team to pick their picture or complete their line!

Bands and singers

Bands & Singers

We have a whole plethora of singers, musicians, speciality acts, rock, blues and pop bands and tribute bands to suit every occasion and budget – so just ask and we’ll act. We also have our own disco and light show which is free to any client booking a major conference or meeting with us.

Themed events

Themed events

From James Bond to Harry Potter, Caribbean Beach Party to Wild West we have the range of themes and props to transform any room or venue to make every occasion a magical experience. Associated activities such as beach surfer or quick draw machine can add to the evenings entertainment.

On their own

On their own

Although part of the Night of the Millionaires game show Giant Scalextric, Horse Racing, Casino Tables can all be booked independently as well as Pub Games and Murder Mysteries.