As an employer, it isn’t always easy to think of new ways to keep employees motivated and happy, but it is always useful to provide incentives and rewards for good work. A reward or incentive can help an employee feel that there is something for them to work towards in their job, and that they are being given something extra. This leaves them feeling happy and fulfilled in their jobs and can improve their work.

Travel incentives are a fantastic way to keep employees motivated. A travel incentive offers employees a day out or holiday as a reward, and may range in size from a day out in London to a trip for two around the world. Here are some of the benefits of travel incentives for employee motivation.

Inspiring staff

Working in an office job day in, day out can make employees start to feel as though they are not really going anywhere or that they are just caught up in the drudgery of working all the time. A travel incentive, particularly one that offers something glamorous, such as a holiday to a far-flung location, can give employees something to work towards. Staff should then start to enjoy this motivation and up their game even more.

Creating competition

Creating competition in a workplace environment can be dangerous, as it can cause real friction that is difficult to ease later on. However, a travel incentive will nurture friendly competition rather than anything too serious, and this will make employees work hard at beating their rivals, but without causing arguments or serious problems within teams. If you leave some mystery as to what the travel incentives are, employees should enjoy healthy competition, and you can then surprise them with incentives of different magnitudes for each goal reached.

Rewarding employees

Sometimes employees simply deserve something special for the work that they have put in, and money can feel a little impersonal as it will usually get spent on bills or other things that aren’t much fun. A travel incentive means that an employee definitely will get to enjoy something special from their reward.

Here at Rhodes Event Management we’ve helped many businesses put together travel incentive packages to keep their top performers motivated for continued success. We offer a full service from venue sourcing and tour itineraries through to hosting the actual trip itself. Get in touch now to find out how you can provide a staff reward with a little difference.

What our clients say
Incentive travel
June 9, 2015

I attended a corporate golf trip to Portugal organised by Phil of Rhodes Event Management back in early May. We had the opportunity to play 3 fantastic courses, in the jewel of the Algarve, Laranjal, San Lorenzo and Pinheiros Altos, all courses play very differently but all offer an experience to behold for any level of golfer. Overall the organisation of the 4 days, was exceptional from the information received pre-event all the way through to returning home. Well done Phil and Rhodes Event Management.

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